How much does a Magento Site cost?

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How much does magento cost

You most likely arrived at this post because you are in the process of putting together your eCommerce site plan. Or maybe you are a new developer and you are not sure what to charge. Or maybe you are one of the many who purchased a site for a couple hundred bucks and need to start over. No matter who you are and what stage you are in you will wonder about total cost.

So the big famous question; “how much”? There are countless variables when it comes to building your eCommerce plan and platform. First you need to figure out your long-term goals. Do you simply want something quick to offer “online sales”? Are you looking for something quick and cheap? If so, you are headed down a long road of unnecessary expenses and headaches. My advice that tops all other advice would be to do it right the first time. Get a premium Magento eCommerce agency such as WEBFLUTE to do this. These are investments in your business, not an expense so do your research and due diligence.

The best mindset and approach to eCommerce as a retailer or manufacturer is to consider it like opening another location. Your eCommerce store is a functioning store just like a brick and mortar except it’s cheaper and when optimized correctly, has more traffic than traditional brick and mortar. 

badgepoint on Magento eCommerce

Our latest Magento project: Badgepoint

We work with Magento because we feel it is the most robust, scalable and compatible platform to date. There are many other platforms that are great and promise easier integrations, quicker setups etc. etc. however they are quite simply not as robust or scalable. Every application is different so there will never be a one-size-fits-all eCommerce platform however Magento is as close to that as you can get. Anything more adaptable would be an entirely custom built setup. With that said we are always open to better methods and platforms but as of now, Magento wins for people who are serious about eCommerce with long-term benefits.

There are many companies and people who work with Magneto but finding a specialized agency with a holistic approach is rare. You need an agency that speaks the business language of eCommerce and specializes in the Magento platform. Developers who fully understand

Custom Magento site for Retail store

Custom Magento site for Retail store

php are rare, developers who understand php and Magento are like a unicorn, agencies that encompass all of this including UI, UX and overall eCommerce optimization is the holy grail.

“How much does it cost to build a Magento site?”

First let’s go over some facts

1. You will get a low cost for developers off shore. Note: You may never receive a site in full. The quality and longevity of your site will suffer and we recommend and agency with a holistic approach.

2. You need to have a budget & scope. If you do not have a range of spend for your website, it will be hard to give an accurate estimate. Magento sites can range from literally hundreds of thousands of dollars. If your scope is defined, the budget can be accurate.

3. Retail stores can cost over a million dollars to run between store location, employees, product, etc… an eCommerce site costs much less than that and has many times generated more revenue than the physical store location.

Violet Love Headbands on Magento

Violet Love Headbands on Magento

4. You need a well-made website to be successful.

5. You need a company to act as your partner to give you up to date information about Magento and the eCommerce industry.

6. Magento is a php app on a MySQL database. Developers who fully understand php are rare, developers who understand php and Magento are like a unicorn. Certified Magento developers are worth the money.

Let’s get to it- What do Magento sites cost? (Note- prices here are average- request a proposal for an actual bid)

Basic Magento Website: $25,000.00- $35,000.00

This option is for companies who are moving from a hosted platform or starting up from scratch. It’s an affordable way to move to the Magento platform and grow your business until its ready to be upgraded to the Magento Enterprise platform.

• Under 10,000 skus

• Simple design or template

• Magento Community Site

• Only uses Magento functionality

• No integration with back office systems

• Easy to use CMS

• Price range is based on functionality requested in design.

Custom Magento Website: $55,000.00- $75,000.00

This option is for companies who are already established on another platform, or are starting up with a little funding. The Custom Magento route is a great way to go to be on a sturdy platform for years to come. This is an investment that will last for a decade or more.

• Large Amount of Sku’s

• Custom Design

• Magento Community Platform

• Integrations with back office systems


• Extensions need to be implemented

• Testing/ QA

• Migration to host

• Items that will increase Price:

• Custom attributes need to be created for products

• Customer Groups

• Integrations with Microsoft Dynamics, Sage, and other accounting systems

• Reward Point set up

• Login with Facebook

• Data Migration and clean up

• Custom Product types (downloadable products)

• Integration with drop shippers

• Custom scripts and cron jobs

Custom Magento Enterprise Site $75,000.00- $200,000.00

This option is for businesses who make most of their revenue through eCommerce. The Enterprise platform allows for multiple admin levels and an easy to manage CMS. This option creates a seemless process from order to accounting to shipping.

• Large Amount of Skus

• Custom Design


• Magento Enterprise Platform

• Integration with Accounting software

• Integration with inventory software

• Integration with shipping rates/providers

• Social Media integration

• Reward Point set up

• Customer Groups

• Admin access set up

• Full page cashing

• Testing/QA

• Training

• Migration to Host

*These numbers are based on hours. Every proposal we send is highly involved and maps out each and every single process with timelines and milestones.

So there you have it. We highly recommend formulating your eCommerce plan internally, consulting with a capable agency and do your own research. We are more than happy to answer any questions you have to give you a realistic viewpoint and effective overall plan.


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