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We are an eCommerce agency with a focus on Magento. We help Retailers and Manufacturers grow through digital media.

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Old Tripod Video Production

As a web agency, we realize the importance of good content. A website is simply a clean dish we are serving to people in a huge restaurant and the food is the content. A website should not get in the way of displaying beautiful content; it simply holds the content in an unobtrusive way. Fortunately we teamed up with Old Tripod to produce epic content with a purpose.




forbes-logo1Forbes had a few things to say about this. “Video will dominate online marketing trends for 2016. 80 percent of all Internet traffic will be to videos. That figure would be 64 percent higher than 2014 … and a significant portion of the growth will probably occur in 2016.

In other words, video content is on the rise and visual content will play a major role in facilitating the development of this burgeoning segment of digital marketing”.

Video in your digital marketing strategy is paramount and a major part of your messaging. We help you incorporate this into your strategy, and make really cool videos in the process.

Old Tripod
creates your visual strategy & empowers businesses with video and photo content. It’s much more complicated than pointing a camera at something and editing a really cool video. We work hand-in-hand with Old Tripod Video Production to create digital marketing stgrategies that work and you need good, pointed content to do this especially if you want your cost per conversion to make sense. Unfortunately, most businesses do not understand the importance of content in the sales funnel and how much it should be tested and integrated to your digital marketing strategy. Many companies are coming around as we see this major shift towards content marketing happening as well as most most start-ups. They see the importance of good content and linking it your overall strategy for a holistic approach, the numbers tell the story.

Give us a call or contact Old Tripod for video production and photography. To learn more about Old Tripod, visit their website. Visit Old Tripod They are located in Charleston, South Carolina and work with companies all over the world and especially local companies.

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